Thursday, November 03, 2011

Looking at my window (upstairs) before they began painting a couple of weeks ago.

The Quinault Indian Nation's "Round House"

This photo was taken from the edge of the mouth of the Quinault River with the Pacific Ocean (the big blue area to the left of a map of the United States) on the right as you are viewing this picture. (Of course, it would be on the left side of the map you are viewing, but read the legend on the map to be sure.)

You know, this is confusing even for me--but my window is the one facing you as you look at the picture. My face isn't in the window because I am on the other side of the viewfinder on my camera. I'll rig up a mirror on a clothes hanger so you will understand what you are looking at and why I'm not in the window of my office--actually, not really an office but little more than a dusty pile of papers and boxes with an ancient computer and a beautiful view, even though I'm not in the view when I take the picture from the window.

Do you follow what I'm saying?

Also, the building isn't really round. It is a hexadecigon (16 sided polygon). I'll look up that word in the dictionary when I get home. Hexadecimal code is comprised of sixteen bits, so I took a shot at my best guess at what a sixteen-sided polygon would be called. Of course, that's looking at it from above (or below) and not from the viewfinder of my camera.

This posting is getting too complicated for me; maybe my nephew, John Szabo, can put it on his and correct the English. Then again, that might mess up his list of dreams and such that he is attempting to realize through a concentration method he's dreamed [no pun intended] up.

BTW, in another week or two, the building will be pale blue--definitely NOT my choice!


At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should probably insist that the building be torn down and replaced with a truly round building - or else the Q's will lose their street cred. Offer to bring a sledge hammer.

At 8:59 AM, Blogger Sweetheart said...

Are you sure this isn't a MUFON photo of a landed craft?


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