Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs' Macintosh -- the machine that my kids and I will remember ... forever!

We Didn't Own an External Disk Drive, BTW

And notice that the word, "Macintosh," wasn't even on the front of the original Macs.

The specifications shown below (taken from were enough, even with only 128k RAM, to enrapture my family for years--although I did upgrade to 512k somewhere along the way. Imagine! That's only one-eighth of a kilobytes (a thousand bytes--where a byte was/is only eight bits)! Today, with megabytes (millions of bytes), gigabytes (billions of bytes) and even terabytes (trillions of bytes) showing up in the specifications of active memory ... we can't even imagine what's in store for tomorrow.

Thomas Edison, stand aside ... you have company. Steve Jobs was indeed an inventor of the first order.

•Introduced: 1/24/84
•Discontinued: 10/1/85
•Floppy Size: 400K
•Internal HD: none none
•Upgrade From: none
•Upgrade To: 512Ke, Plus
•Form Factor: 128
•Weight: 16.5 lbs.
Logic Board
•Main Processor: 8 MHz 68000
•PMMU: none
•FPU: none
•Data Path: 8 MHz 16-bit
•Secondary Processor: none
•Slots: none
•MIPS Rating: .7
•Memory on Logic Board: 0.125MB
•RAM Range: 0.125MB to 0.125MB
•RAM Slots: 0 n/a
•RAM Type: ns n/a SIMMs in groups of n/a
•Notes: This system has no built-in memory expansion, however third-party upgrades could take this system to 512K.
•Built-in Display: 9" monochrome CRT
•VRAM Configuration: built-in CRT
•VRAM Speed: n/a
•VRAM Expansion: built in
•Color Bit Depth by Screen Resolution:
◦512x384: 1-bit
(1-bit = Black & White, 2-bit = 4 colors, 4-bit = 16 colors, 8-bit = 256 colors, 16-bit = thousands, 24-bit = millions)
The maximum color depth listed for 640x870 is 8-bit, reflecting the capabilities of the Apple 15 inch Portrait Display

•Notes: Screen size is 512x342.
•Sound In: none
•Sound Out: mono, 8-bit
•Microphone Port: none
•ADB: none
•Video: none
•Floppy: DB-19 - Disk Drive Port: 500K baud
•SCSI: none
•Ethernet: none
•Microphone Port Type: none
•Ports: Printer Modem Speaker
•Notes: The serial ports in this system do not support handshaking or synchronous modems.
Serial Port specs
•AppleTalk: 230.4K baud
•Asynchronous: 57.6K baud (maximum rate)
•Synchronous: 920K baud (maximum rate with external clock)
•Source: .5A 105-125V 50-60 Hz
•Consumption: 60 W or 205.2 BTU
•Battery Type: 4.5V alkaline, #523
•Addressing Modes: 24-bit
•Original System Software: 0.0
•Original Enabler: none
•ROM ID: $0000
•ROM Version: n/a
•ROM Size: 64K
•AppleTalk Version: n/a
•System Software Supported: Mac OS 1.0 through 4.1 in 1984


At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Paul isn't fat.

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Dr. Joe said...

I think you are looking at another posting--one I had of Chris Christie, no?

At 5:00 PM, Blogger triptrumpet said...

Halcyon days, those first Mac ones. Much like the Apple ][+ ones. A new world indeed.


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