Thursday, July 28, 2011

Can Mediawingnuts warn the entire world of its coming demise in time ... at one posting per day?

2011 ... and it's only July so far ... !!!

Lessee ... Famine in Africa (worst ever, most likely) ... BP Oil Spill still has New Orleans in a quandary ... and just what is this U.S. debt ceiling that will collapse the world's economies? ... floods (everywhere from America to Europe to Asia) ... Harry Potter films ending (oh no!) ... earthquakes (along with nuclear meltdowns/melt-throughs) ... earth crust anomalies of record frequency and intensity in the Southern Hemisphere ... worst "tornado belt" ever ... heat records in both America and the Arctic ... sunspot activity reaching all-time intensity ... Rhode Island-sized ice chunks breaking off both poles ... double dip recession under way ... record droughts on three continents ... intensity of multiple murders on increase--everywhere! ... more wars in the Middle East since Adam and Eve tasted the forbidden fruit ... nuclear weapons proliferation worldwide--including "rogue" nations ... most powerful man on the earth appears--and he can toss three-pointers with amazing ease, but cannot save the world economy ... The United States of America on the brink of a default on its debt ... gay and lesbian marriages on upswing worldwide--along with the murder of fetuses worldwide also ... Wisconsin joins the "dark side" ... record rainfall, snowstorms and UFO sightings worldwide ... deadly plagues in Africa--and spreading ... the list could continue forever ... and oh yes, the Seattle Mariners have broken their own record and lost seventeen straight games -- not to mention my sweet puppy breaking her left hind leg!

Rapture coming? Well Mediawingnuts plans on wearing clean underwear and reading the Good Book (and the Big Book) daily!

And now we discover that there's an asteroid just ahead of the earth in our orbit around the sun.

Harold Camping may have gotten the dates and times all screwed up, but as the song in West Side Story goes, "Something's coming; something big ..."


At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear Xanax can help with that. :)

At 4:24 PM, Blogger Dr. Joe said...

blog -

Xanax would foerce me to trade in my 22 year-old 12-step coin. I'll stick with calcium pills before I go to sleep.



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